Hi, I'm Mike Miller
I'm a strength coach in Lincoln, NE. Welcome to Wolf Pack strength and conditioning. My philosophy on training is simple. Training needs to fit the individual. You would think this would be common sense but not so common in todays one size workout fits everyone. We all function different rather it be due to back pain, a bad ankle, an arm that does not lift straight overhead, an achy knee, tight hips and other movements that impair our natural function. Everyone has a different threshold of how much exercise and intensity they can handle, this is an impossible tasks to accomplish when an entire group is doing the same thing, even with heart monitors. My training programs are designed specifically for you. Training programs are designed for how your body currently moves to help attack those troublesome areas, while you get stronger, decrease aches, feel better and lose fat. My driven approach covers every aspect necessary to achieve your goals safely.
My ideal personal training client is anyone with a great attitude, a willingness to work hard and has a goal. Everybody is different, so training programs are catered to my client's individual needs. I have been personal training, coaching, guiding and helping others succeed beyond what they ever thought possible since 2004. Let's get you the best and safest personal training program because you deserve it.